Our Kickstarter Campaign is Live!

In case you haven't started following along on our new site yet, we have a new post over there on our new Kickstarter campaign!  Head over and check it out: http://crabandfishtravel.com/kickstarter-qa/


Reflection: Spaghetti Snob

My wife makes fun of me for this, but I am SO picky about spaghetti. I don't like eating anyone's spaghetti other than my dad's. Imagine having a recipe so good that you never had to try another recipe. That's the level of delicious that we are talking about! Here's a short little post from …

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CWI’s 4th Garbology Event

What could be more exciting than digging through people's trash? Digging through people's trash for Science, that's what! College of Western Idaho's Biology, Sustainability, and Anthropology Clubs put together a fantastic event this spring.  This event is a simple trash audit done with two days worth of trash from CWI's Nampa Campus. There was a …

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