Crab & Fish

Hello readers!  You’ve probably been wondering who the hell these “Crab” and “Fish” characters are.  And why the unusual monikers?!

When we met in June of 2016, we fell truly, madly, deeply (Savage Garden style) in love.  As any modern couple does, we looked up our zodiac compatibility pretty straight away.  MaKayla is a Cancer, hence the Crab, and Kayla is a Pisces, hence the fish.  And while we’re here, yes our real names are MaKayla & Kayla.  Do you see the need for the nicknames?

Fast-forward nearly a year, and here we are.  We “DIY the f*ck” out of everything (according to Fish) and decided we may as well share all of the cool things we do and make.  If it helps you lead a more sustainable lifestyle, you’ll have helped us reach our goal. If it makes you laugh or shake your head, we’ll have reached our goal.  Basically, if you read this and love it or hate it, we’ll have reached our goal.