Reflection: 12 Things I Miss While Traveling

I LOVE to travel and even that is an understatement! Here is a list of things that I missed while I was traveling for three months in Ireland.

December 2013 //

I thought after my last post I should write something a bit more lighthearted so I decided  to just write a little bit about the things that I have missed since being here in Ireland.

1 // Ice

I have had very few drinks with ice in it since being in Ireland and any time I ask for ice water I get a weird look. It’s a comfort that I have taken for granted!

2 // Iced Coffee

If you know me then you have probably seen me with an iced coffee because I prefer it over any other caffeinated drink hands down. I made the mistake of assuming that coffee shops in Ireland would have iced coffee. I received another of one of the many weird looks I have been given after asking for an iced coffee and the very confused lady at the counter couldn’t understand why I would want ice in my coffee. This will be one of the first things to get once I am home!

3 // Fast internet connections

I had no idea, let me repeat that NO idea how different the internet connections/speeds would be here. I don’t know if many of you will understand this reference, but think AOL dial-up during a rainstorm in Murphy, ID back in the day. Expect that and you will only be slightly disappointed with the internet here.

4 // Hulu

I didn’t realize how dependent I had become on Hulu for my TV needs.

5 // 24 Hour Stores

On the occasion that I need ingredients for chicken cordon bleu and some fishing lures at four in the morning simply because I feel like it, in Boise I could do that. Here in Ireland however if I needed, well anything, at four in the morning than I am simply out of luck. Store hours in Ireland are a lot different than what I am used to simply because they even have store hours.

6 // Public or Semi-Public Restrooms

If I was walking in downtown Boise and needed to use the restroom there are a lot of options as far as stores or gas stations that aren’t going to make a fuss if you use their restrooms. In Ireland the only restrooms I have seen or would even know of are in pubs and even then they aren’t really public.

7 // Watching Anything Besides Friends

In Ireland Friends is on ALL the time. ALL the time. I seriously just checked and guess what was on not one but two channels? Friends.

8 // American Football (and having to specify “American” football)

I love football and simply miss watching it. Also on that note it makes me feel like a jerk to have to say American football when talking sports with someone. Were we too uppity that we had to take the name of their sport and use it for ours just to say up yours? I’m sure (not really) that isn’t it but every time I have to specify that it feels a bit like that’s what we did.

9 // Water Fountains

The only reason I miss this is I simply hate to pay for water. Why? Because it’s water! (oh and I’m cheap)

10 // The US Dollar

I really am just more comfortable using it because it’s what I have grown up with. Euro’s also don’t fit in my wallet the same way and there is a lot more types of coins to carry around.

11 // American Food

Everything tastes just a bit different here. Even the things I really enjoy eating just don’t quite taste like they do back home.

12 // Driving

I used to drive every day and usually multiple times a day. It’s not so bad because here I still get to sit in what I consider the driver’s seat, but it is really hard for me to get used to the different road signs and such here in Ireland.

So there’s some things I have missed on my trip here to Ireland and why I can’t wait to get back and have some home comforts!


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