Reflection: Crazy Ideas and Why I Love Them

This is a fun one because it reminds me of why I have an idea notebook. Once you have a big, crazy idea you have to nurture it. This is an idea that didn’t get nurtured, but I would still like to make it to Antarctica and learn to kayak!

December 2013 //

This post is brought to you from spending too much time on Pinterest today. I mean seriously I try to avoid it because once I’m on it there is no going back. I wanted to look up just one little thing on there (that’s what I repeated to myself over and over again so I could deny that I wanted to waste away days of my life there) and it wouldn’t let me look without signing up. Mistake number 1. I signed up. Mistake number 2. I couldn’t pull up the page that I wanted to look up so I decided to browse a little bit. It was all downhill from that point or maybe uphill. Onto my crazy idea that came from my two day adventure into Pinterest.

I was browsing through the tattoo section because I am obsessed with them and I need more. I got to the end of that section, which I didn’t know existed and I thought what would it hurt to browse the travel section? I’m a travel writer so it only makes sense for me to spend a day of my time looking through that. I then started to write a list of all of the National Parks, lakes, ect. that I want to visit in the US when I came across a picture of Antarctica. Specifically the photo was from the perspective of someone kayaking there and I thought wow what an amazing thing to do. One because I really want to learn how to kayak and two because I’ve always had this secret wish to go to Antarctica.

That got me thinking, could a person travel cheaply to Antarctica? It’s my goal to visit 50 states and 10 countries in the next five years and do it as cheaply as possible so I thought that I should look into it. To be honest at first it was very discouraging and I almost dropped the idea as soon as I had it, but then I came across something called Antarctic Artists and Writers Program. Long story short if I want to go the Antarctica and do it cheaply then I have to either be artistically inclined (which I’m not) or have something to write about that will help inform people in some way about Antarctica. Yet again I thought about benching the idea. I haven’t had many book ideas and as I don’t have a book written you can see where those ideas have taken me. Not to Antarctica 😉

But they could. I was browsing through information about Antarctica and the amazing pictures that have been taken there when it hit me. I already had an idea and one that closely related to Antarctica. An idea that only had to be expanded a minor amount to go from a little idea I had once to a big idea that could not only help my career but could be my gateway to Antarctica. Obviously I can’t tell you my idea because that would just give everything away. This is why I love crazy ideas, with a little resourcefulness, a lot of research, and possibly a grant proposal later you could be on your way to Antarctica! I have six months until my proposal even has to be submitted, but six months from now look for that post!


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