Five Year Plan circa 2013

This post is really interesting to do an update on because I didn’t realize that I made a five year plan, four years ago. I’m haven’t accomplished the goals I set yet, but I am definitely on my way!


October 2013 //

Now I generally regard five year plans with a bit of disgust and believe that they are for people who aren’t happy with what they have. That was until I had a rare spark of genius brought on at two am probably having something to do with a bottle of whiskey. I want to visit ten countries and fifty states all within the next five years. I generally try to avoid making these kinds of plans partly due to my disgust for them but mostly because sticking to long term plans has never been something I am good at. But have you ever decided to do something and just know that it’s right? That’s what making this decision has been for me, something that feels right and after this past year I like to think that I am making better decisions based on this gut feeling.

I have to say that I made my decision to come to Ireland based on that gut instinct and sitting here in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of coffee and a view of the ocean from the window, that decision doesn’t seem to have led me down the wrong path. I’ve always wanted to travel the world and now that I have started to do it, it’s like a drug. The traveling has started and been an amazing experience thus far I just don’t want to stop here. I can’t imagine going back home to end up right where I started in the first place. I’ve found a way to travel on a very small budget and I’m not going to stop anytime soon.

Like I said the idea originally came right before sleep in a whiskey induced haze, but the morning brought me some clarity. At first I thought the idea was unrealistic. That was until I realized that if I really put my mind to it and continued to work on making some money online in the few ways that I have found to make that possible, then there is no reason I can’t continue traveling. I’ve been using the Couchsurfing website which I am sure that a lot of people have heard of, but I’m also using a lesser known website It’s basically where you work anywhere from 2-5 hours a day for 3-5 days a week and in exchange you receive free room and board. I was a bit skeptical at first especially when my first host never showed up to meet me as planned, but after that it’s been great.

Today //

Let us know about your goals and five year plans! Have you ever set a five year plan and if so, did you stick to it? How do you feel about five year plans?


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