Pay it Forward

Pay it forward, karma, call it what you will, do something good for someone else without thinking about the good that it will do you. You will feel amazing. This is just a little reminder to be the good you want to see in the world. This couple did something that seems so little, but in my time of need was HUGE.

September 2013 // 

(Edited for length- Full version here)

I’ve seen the movie, I’ve heard stories, but I’ve never had it happen to me. I was sitting in a little Italian restaurant today eating some pizza and watching the people stroll by when an older couple walked into the restaurant. I heard their accents and it sounded pretty similar to my so I politely interjected myself into their conversation. I inquired about their accents and asked if they were from the US. The man laughed a little and said that they were actually from Canada. We got to chatting and I told them about my trip, which they seemed genuinely interested in. They told me that this was their second trip to Ireland and we mutually agreed that the Irish were so friendly. The man said he thought it was in their nature and I thought that was a really wonderful thought and most definitely agree with him. We talked for quite a bit and I really enjoyed how open they were to me interrupting their lunch and they seemed very cheerful about it. I went on with my lunch and my writing and at the end of their meal they told me how very nice it was to meet me and the woman said that they had paid for my lunch. I was absolutely shocked! They had already graciously let me interrupt their lunch and then they went and paid for my meal!

I can’t say how much it meant to me that they did that. I teared up a bit to be quite honest. I told them that I hoped to see them again and made sure to give the woman the address for this blog. I hope that I get to connect with them again, I didn’t even get their names. She told me that they had kids and knew what it was like for them when they were younger and in school. She said that they liked to pay it forward and I very much intend to pay it forward as well. I’m only here in Galway for one day and I know that this will be one of my most memorable moments here in Ireland.

Long story short, I met some really great people on my terribly long flight, but I was detained in London for four hours. That caused a landslide of travel issues for the next few days and the kindness that couple showed me turned a travel nightmare into a fun story.

Do what you can, when you can for other people and when you find yourself in need help won’t be very far away!



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