Keep Your Goals to Yourself

Scroll through your Facebook feed and what do you see?  Posts sharing on how to create goals, how the latest 28 year old billionaire set goals to get to where they are, posts from friends on what their goals and dreams are.

Click on the comments section of each of those posts and what do you see?  People knocking each other down, hating on the goal setters and goal achievers.

Crab and I are massively goal oriented.  Yesterday, I received my quote for the day email:


If you are bored with life, if you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things – you don’t have enough goals.

– Lou Holtz

I had been feeling “off” – kind of depressed, unfocused, totally unsettled.  After I read that email, I immediately forwarded it to Crab and said “this is what’s wrong with me.”  Yes, we still have goals, we have on-going, ever evolving goals.  But during Crab’s finals weeks with school, our short-term goals went out the window.  We went into survival mode and I went on total auto-pilot: wake up, take the dog out, shower, go to work, come home, fix dinner, go to bed.  After a week and a half, auto-pilot had worn me down to almost nothing.  That email woke me back up and set me back on my path, on our path.

Last night, Crab and I talked about our goals – nothing formal, we were driving home and it lasted about 10 minutes.  I expressed my need for weekly goals, sometimes daily goals. We set our goals for the week, and my funk had been lifted.

I used to create vision boards each year – things I could cut out of a magazine in about 30 minutes to put up as kind of a “wish list” of things and stuff.  That did nothing for me.  At the end of the year, I’d take it down and say, well, maybe next year.

When I met Crab nearly a year ago (that’s another post, coming soon!), we instantly meshed with our need for goals and to constantly be working on our goals.

GOAL ACHIEVED: Have a wife that loves Jeeping as much as I do.

Here’s our rundown for how we create, set, and keep our damn goals to ourselves:

  1. We come up with a hair brained idea – I mean, these things are LOFTY.  Like, I don’t know anybody our age that comes up with these ideas and actually writes them down, creates a plan, and a timeline.  We do.  THINK BIG – HUGE – YUGE EVEN!
  2. After we share our idea, we BEAT IT TO DEATH. We “research the fuck out of it” and come at it from all angles.  Is it feasible?  What kind of timeline are we looking at for making this happen?  Is this a short-term, mid-term, or long-term plan?  What goals do we need to set up along the way to hit milestones on the path to that lofty goal?
  3. We pin down the timeline and the midway/milestone goals.  At this point, we know exactly what we’re after, and what it takes to get there.  It’s a matter of breaking down the milestone goals into tangible, attainable chunks.
  4. We GET MOVING!  Jump into those short goals, check them off and celebrate the achievement of them and then put your nose to the grindstone again and drive on.

Did you see any point in this list where we share it with the world? Fuck no.  We keep our goals to ourselves – we don’t even share with family or friends.  We don’t need ANY hater-ade all over our hopes and dreams.  We don’t need judgement when we’ve failed at something, or unsolicited advice as to how we should do something.

If I posted our goals right here and now, I guarantee people wouldn’t believe me – people wouldn’t believe the massive things we’re undertaking and people would absolutely doubt our ability to do them.

QUESTION: Do you create goals? If so, do you share them freely? How does it work out for you?

Love, Fish


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