CWI’s 4th Garbology Event

What could be more exciting than digging through people’s trash? Digging through people’s trash for Science, that’s what! College of Western Idaho’s Biology, Sustainability, and Anthropology Clubs put together a fantastic event this spring. 

This event is a simple trash audit done with two days worth of trash from CWI’s Nampa Campus. There was a great group of student and faculty volunteers. The number of Garbology Day volunteers DOUBLED from last year’s event.

The morning was spent gathering tables and putting up signs. There was also a safety fence put up so that the trash didn’t escape in the wind. After everything was put up, including an amazing visual display of the day’s results, made by CWI’s Rebecca Flock, the volunteers got down to business. The trash bags were broken open over tarp so that the trash wouldn’t contaminate the grass. Then the contents were sorted into four groups- trash, recyclable, contaminated (this is items that would have been recylable if they hadn’t been contaminated by items in the trash can), and compostable. College of Western Idaho has a compost program on the Nampa Campus and the Biology and Sustainabilty Clubs are actively working on promoting participation in this green program. There are compost bins located throughout the NCAB building for students and faculty to utilize if they don’t have their own compost setup at home.

After the trash contents were sorted into their new piles they were weighed and then put into the visual display. The results spoke volumes!

Visually speaking, there are more recyclables in the trash than actual trash. There were also eight pounds of compostable material in the trash. This means we need more student involvement! We have fantastic, eco-friendly programs in place and now we need to get participation up. Official end weights from today’s event are not yet available.

It’s about changing your habits! Get in the habit of saving our planet, reduse, reuse, recycle! Happy Garbology Day! A huge thank you to everyone that made this day possible, Dusty, Rebecca, Nikki, and all the other great volunteers. Look out for us next semester!

Here’s a few more photos of the day-


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