5 Tips to Build Your Twitter Profile in One Week

I wasn’t planning on posting this so soon, but after my most successful week on Twitter I thought I would share what I changed in this one week to exponentially increase my Twitter impressions, profile visits, mentions, and followers.

These are my stats for the last 28 days- 

I’ve been obsessing over my Twitter stats this week because I wanted to find something that worked for me. I’m also a number focused person so seeing something like 1,200% increase makes me feel good deep down in my bones. Plus, when I did my research to try and build my Twitter I saw a lot of posts with tips like fill out your profile or use these not-free apps and that just isn’t helpful for the beginner.

Tip #1- Tweet just the right amount and at the right time

I did a lot of reading about this and over-tweeting can cause people to lose interest. You don’t want to be that person that floods Twitter. Keep it consistent throughout the day. I found a great website that you can utilize the free version to search yourself and see what time of day your followers are the most active and what times you are the most active. Then you can know what times a day to focus on Twitter and which times you don’t need to concern yourself with as much. I used https://moz.com/followerwonk 

Here is an example of my stats on Followerwonk as of this post- (under Analyze search @IdahoCrab and select “analyze their followers”)

These are the most active hours of my followers-

These are my most active hours-

As you can see I don’t do 5 AM for any reason, but other than that you can use this to help make your most active hours similar or the same as your followers. You want to reach your followers while they are active.

Tip #2- Utilize appropriate hashtags 

This might seem obvious, but it’s huge! I can tweet all I want with the hashtag #adventuresinadulting but until our blog really gets up in running, very few people are going to see my blog based on that hashtag, because I’m the only one that has used it so far. However, Fish did a blog on How to Score Cheap Flights which happened to coincide with the #UnitedAirlineAssault. That is going to get a lot more impressions and link clicks than a hashtag that isn’t used. I also looked up hashtags involving #united until I realized which one people were using the most frequently. (Hint: It was #united)

In this graph you can see back in February that I was still getting the hang of hashtags, March was a vacation/sick month, and in April I really got a hang of them-

The only reason I had as many impressions in February as I did was that I utilized the #OrovilleDam and started to mention relevant people in tweets as well.

Tip #3- Do your research and follow relevant people

I love fishing and I go all the time, so I followed some cool people that are into fishing. Will it help my blog? Probably not. Will it help my sanity? Yes. Relevant people doesn’t mean only people that will agree with you. Or only other bloggers. In fact I started following someone because we had a great political conversation and they have very conflicting views. But they are educated and I like what they post about. I’m eco-conscious and follow a lot of green companies and scientists. Relevant means many different things. Don’t get to closed down into one topic, unless that’s what you want!

Tip #4- Do the grind and get motivated

I have seen so many blogs where people say to spend one hour a week or up to 30 minutes a day on building your Twitter. I spent a heck of a lot more time on Twitter this week than that! The reason I got where I did this week was because I spent hours building blog posts, on Twitter, watching Trending Tweets, and reading things like Forbes 50 Free Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers. It was a good resource, but I found that most of the apps they mentioned were free 30 day trials and I plan on utilizing my Twitter for more than 30 days! The reason I ended up with such an awesome week was because I saw the #tuesdaymotivation and I thought to myself why not motivate myself to hit 300 followers today? I worked my butt off to get there, but I did it! And my tweet impressions reaped the benefit.

 You can also see that my largest day of impressions, April 12, is one of my lower tweet days. This leads me to my final tip, that helped me reach my #tuesdaymotivation goal of 300 followers.

Tip #5- Interact with other Twitter users

Once you are tweeting regularly and get a feel for what time of day to be tweeting, then I highly encourage you to interact with other Twitter users. I found a Twitter Chat #MillennialTalk put on by @Chelseakrost and started commenting, answering questions, and interacting with users. This boosted my mentions and my followers. Not only that, but I found some really awesome people to follow as well and now I have a weekly Twitter Chat that I am excited to engage with.

The journey doesn’t have to be all boring and a grind. I got on Twitter originally as an outlet for my political rants and I’m turning it into a tool for myself. If you are getting started on Twitter, have had some trouble getting going, or just have hit a slump then these tips will absolutely help you out.

Give them a try and let me know your results!


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