24 Hours of Adventure: A Review of Questival

Last year, Crab and I decided that whenever Cotopaxi Questival was announced in a city near us, we would sign up and go. Much to our surprise, they announced early this year that they would host a Questival in Boise. In February, we took advantage of an early bird sign up ($30 entry fee per person). 

Questival Boise was set to begin April 14th at 7 pm and run through April 15th at 7 pm. We eagerly awaited the date.

During the week leading up to the event, we both encountered illnesses that made us a bit grumpy, but still determined to at least try out the event and do what we could.

Wondering what Questival is?

Questival is a 24 hour adventure race sponsored by Cotopaxi that encourages you to explore your local community and participate in adventures you may not otherwise do, especially packed into a 24 hour window. The idea and the slogan for the whole event is “Do Good.”

Each adventure you do is awarded points, and you are judged by your peers and awarded style points, all through an app on your phone. 

Adventures are grouped by categories: 

  • Pre-event
  • Adventure/Quirky
  • Camping & Survival
  • Check In
  • Checkpoint Challenges
  • Community & Cultural
  • Food
  • Hiking & Travel
  • Service & Environment
  • Social Media
  • Sport & Fitness
  • Surprise Challenges

We did the adventures that we could and had a blast doing them or thinking of creative ways we could do them.

Once you score in the top 10, your rank is determined by peer scoring, so creativity counts.

Would we do this again?

Absolutely! We would love to travel to other cities to do this as it would be an amazing way to see an area in a 24 hour period. Next time, I hope we’re not sick!

Our totem, daypack, and a llama sticker

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