How to Score Cheap Flights

Recently, Crab posted about driving in a foreign country and called me out on my ability to score cheap flights.

I hate overpaying for airfare.

Being that this was my first international trip that I was in charge of finding tickets for, I did extensive (months long) research on flights, monitoring their price fluctuations, travel time, and perks. Yep, I’m a huge nerd.

When it came time to book, I got cozy with

We were fortunate enough to be flexible with our travel dates and the great thing with their site is that it shows you the cheapest days to fly. Since we were traveling around St. Patrick’s Day to Ireland, certain days were almost double other days.

We decided on paying a bit more to have a shorter travel time (about 19 hours each way), and we also paid a bit more to have fewer stops.

Our Itinerary:

Boise to Los Angeles: 2h 18m (Delta)

Los Angeles to Reykjavik: 8h 50m (WOW Air)

Reykjavik to Dublin: 2h 35m (WOW Air)

Dublin to London: 1h 25m (Aer Lingus)

London to Los Angeles: 11h 20m (Norwegian)

Los Angeles to Boise: 2h 18m (Delta)

Total cost: $1819 (2 travelers)

The great thing with Kiwi was the price and easy to understand layout. They also had prices about $1,000 lower than other “discount” travel sites.

The booking process was a bit confusing, as they have to call you and verify all of your personal info and your payment. 

The ticketing process was also strange. We had to leave security and go to each airline to check in. We had plenty of layover time to do so, but it was a hassle. This could be because we were flying different airlines at each stop. 

The airlines:

Delta is always a safe bet for US travel. The flight attendants are welcoming and hospitable and they serve free refreshments. 

WOW Air was one I’m not sure if I’ll travel again without upgrading to business class. Their check in process was confusing, and fortunately we each only traveled with a backpack, otherwise we would have overpaid in baggage fees (even for normal sized carry ons). The process for getting into planes was like a cattle drive – getting bussed from the terminal to an outpost type terminal, then waiting to board in whatever type of weather the local destination is experiencing. I’ll never complain about Southwest ever again. The seats were small, and everything (even water) costs money. So bring your drinks or don’t get thirsty! 

Aer Lingus was your typical regional connector plane. Nothing really to note here.

Norwegian was my favorite. Although they’ve gone the way of the budget carriers, we flew in a 787 Dreamliner, which I hadn’t been on yet. The seats all had seat back media with tons of new movies and TV shows, as well as the guided map for your flight path and even games for adults and kids alike. I will definitely fly Norwegian again.

Out of the airports we visited, Iceland definitely took the cake. It was easy to understand, and since we flew WOW both in and out, we did not have to leave and re-enter security. The food options were decent, and their duty free shop was well laid out and not cluttered. Also, they don’t have arm rests on their benches so you can actually lay down and stretch out during your layover.

Dublin Airport

All in all, I would definitely fly this route again, except WOW Air (unless I were flying business class). 

What’s your favorite airline and what is the furthest you have flown?


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