The Dreaded First Post

My loving wife, Crab, tasked me with the honor of writing our first blog post together.  Out of the blogs I have started, the first post was the hardest, and ultimately made me too grumpy to continue to blog.  This time, the first post is different..I’m excited about this.

Since I met my wife and we started meshing our interests together, we’ve always talked about writing a blog together.  During one of our many “side hustle/money making schemes” we threw out the idea of calling our blog – Adventures in Adulting. We had many other name ideas – mostly focused on one topic, but we’re not interested in just one topic, so why be so narrowly focused?

What this blog will be:

A place we can share our life

A place for advice or “good ideas”

A place for practical foray into sustainable living concepts and ideas

A place that continually evolves

Are you ready? Don’t forget to subscribe, share, and give feedback.


Crab & Fish


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