Quick Cash: Yard Sale Style

This being my second blog attempt I am a bit nervous about the first post, there is so much pressure, when really keeping up with continually informative content is really the goal. One post doesn’t need to shine, they all do! Luckily this time around I have my fantastic wife (Fish) to do the things that I don’t want to, like the first blog post!

On to the main event- Quick Cash: Yard Sale Style. Tax season is coming up and with a scholarship mishap we needed to come up with some extra cash in a short amount of time. It was either finding a temp job or finding some kind of at-home or weekend income. So we came up with the exhausting idea of having a yard sale. Our goal for the weekend was to make $200, read through to find out if we made it! (Of course we did, it would be silly to try and get you to take our advice if we were terrible at having yard sales)

Step 1- Go through your house and garage

This is an obvious step, but an important one!

Step 2- Find somewhere to store the yard sale items

Going through step one took about a month for us due to an international trip and life in general. We stored our yard sale items in our sun room, which really only affected the cats and they were not happy campers. Personally, it was great to have that much time to get ready for the yard sale. It allowed us to get all of the clutter out to the sun room and see what we were really left with.

Step 3- Go through the house and garage again

As soon as we cleaned out the house we wanted to get rid of more!

Step 4- Ask your family to join in

If you are lucky like we are then you have family members (parents in our case) near by and one thing they can really come in handy for is yard sale donations. My dad gave us some boxes of old crafting stuff and we made a cool $20 off the whole lot.

Step 5- Set a date

Recommendations here are pretty basic, do what days work for you (preferably weekends for more traffic) and start early. We started at 8am our first day, Saturday, and had people out looking while we were setting up. Sunday was quite a bit slower, but there were community events we didn’t realize were happening and that affected the traffic.

Step 6- Have a yard sale!

This is the fun part. Set out your old junk, or in my case it was one of those things I don’t like to do and Fish lovingly did most of the set up and tear down. Put your signs out, we had some really creative one’s that Fish’s dad made and we had a lot of people tell us that they weren’t intending to go to any yard sales, but couldn’t pass by such a creative sign. Then get out some camp chairs and play your favorite card game all day.

Our First Yard Sale - Day 2
Our First Yard Sale – Day 2
Tips for having a more successful yard sale:

Advertise on Craigslist. Putting up a few pictures of your yard sale set-up will bring in more traffic.

Put larger items that are worth more on Craigslist as well. Just make sure to take them down if you sell them at the yard sale.

Pricing, pricing, and bargaining! Keep the prices low, remember- You don’t want the stuff anyways!! The more you sell the less you have to put back into the garage. People will ask you how much you want or how low you will go, throw out a price. If they seem hesitant when you throw out a price and you are willing to go lower, GO LOWER!

So, what did we make?

It wouldn’t be any fun if you didn’t get to hear that part. Our first day we brought in a surprising $200 and our second day we brought in $100. I will admit that this total is after we bought lunch and snacks, we deserved them after all that not-so-hard work. Not a bad weekend for getting to hang and play backgammon with my wife all while making $300 dollars!

Crab Playing Backgammon
Crab Playing Backgammon



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